About Us

Farmer's Union Co-op began in 1927, by farmers, for farmers. The company has faithfully serviced the farmers in the community by providing a variety of feed, seed, farming chemicals, baler twine and net wrap, bagged fertilizer and much more! Not only farmers, but also pet lovers benefit from their great selection of pet feed and their customer loyalty program. See store for more details on this deal and much more!

We at Farmer's Union Co-op are also very proud to offer several services through WinField Technologies, one of which is an Early Order Program. To find out more about the Early Order Program you can click here.

We also offer The R7® Tool which combines state of the art technology with past successes to evaluate the best farming program for your land. We are happy to offer this technology to our customers to help them reach their optimum crop efficiency. To learn more about what the The R7® Tool can do for you, give us a call or visit here.